Come Here for OEM-Approved Parts

We know that you can't trust just anyone with your new Kia model, and for a good reason. Some shops believe that using aftermarket parts in your vehicle is okay, and we understand just how wrong they are. Aftermarket parts are considered a one-size-fits-all approach to auto maintenance and repairs, and our team of trained technicians know that this is misleading. OEM-approved parts that are designed for your exact model are the only true fit, and we never use anything less.

Getting the best for your car is integral to its performance and longevity, that's why we know that you need Kia-approved parts for the best fit each and every time. Aftermarket parts can't withstand the exact performance specs of your new Kia model, nor can they fit the exact same way as even brake pads, rotors, oil filters, and wiper blades. A slight deviation in quality or sizing can mean disaster, and we don't mess around when it comes to your car.

If you love to do your own repairs, we're happy to help get you set up with the parts and accessories to get it done, and when you work with us, you can even save with our parts specials. Why waste time and money buying aftermarket parts that won't withstand your car's specifications? Buy directly from us, or let us use OEM-approved parts, and know that you're getting the best for your money.

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