That's a question that comes up often during customer visits to our auto service center here at Murray Kia. There are a few ways you can quickly and easily figure it out.

The seemingly easiest answer, when your tires demonstrate obvious wear, may not always be the most evident. It's a better idea to look for the sometimes-inconspicuous yet telltale signs -- for one, when a tire's rubber is torn, or its treads are separated. Another way to tell is when tire pressure's low and a tire won't otherwise remain at the right PSI when inflated. There's even a shorthand way to determine its condition -- the penny test, for which there's a handy rhyme to remember: "see the top of Lincoln's head when you stick a penny in the tread." If you do, that means the test has failed. Sadly, in that case, your tire's worn shallow and should be changed.

Of course, when balancing, rotating, and repairing your tires -- of the utmost importance for maintaining tire quality and prolonging your set's life -- no longer makes the grade, it's probably unavoidable that you need new ones. We hope never to reach that point, but time and Mother Nature eventuate it. However, there are a few ways you can make the most of the quartet you have. Take advantage of a few simple tire maintenance tips.

  • For one, get your tires rotated every 5,000 to 7,000 miles or so. This will help them uniformly wear, so that none gets too chewed up more quickly than another.
  • Always put a new duo of tires on the back axle of your car, truck, or SUV.
  • Maintain the recommended tire pressure level. You can usually find out this info from your tire ownership documentation or owner's manual, but if all else fails, the car repair technicians here in Conshohocken can help you out.
  • Check that tire pressure regularly -- winter's deep freeze and spring's warming thaw can affect it quickly.
  • Keep an eye on your tread depth from time to time.

Of course, if you have any questions, about getting new tires put on your Kia or anything else maintenance-related, you're welcome to get in touch with us here at 1402 West Ridge Pike. We look forward to helping get you and your set of wheels back on the road in no time!

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