Wondering whether it's time you changed your brake pads or rotors? The Murray Kia of Service team can help!

Indicators your many need to change your brakes

There are a handful of signs that can indicate your brakes are in less than ideal condition. Have you noticed that a chorus of strange sounds emits from your vehicle when you tap on the brakes? From screeching to grinding, your vehicle may be calling out to you to change your brakes! Grinding or screeching sounds can indicate that your brake pads have worn thin. Metal on metal contact usually is a tell-tale sign that your brake pads are gone. Beyond audible indicators, drivers can also judge brake condition by mileage since your last brake repair appointment. If it's been about 50,000 miles since your last brake pad replacement, it may be time to stop by Murray Kia!

Brake Condition Breakdown

  • Screeching or grinding noises
  • Vibrating brake pedal when you hit the brakes
  • Brake pads look less than 1/4-inch thick

Visit the Murray Kia team for brake assistance!

Whether you're certain your vehicle requires brake repair or you're just looking to have our team of professionals inspect your brake condition, drivers can look to the Murray Kia team with confidence!

Beyond Service & Parts - The Murray Kia Team

We can assist drivers with much more than just service and parts! Thinking of purchasing a new vehicle? Just want to browse our inventory of new Kia models? The Murray Kia team is ready to help! With a team of professionals that ranges from sales and finance to service and parts, there's a professional ready to help drivers with almost any and all vehicle needs! Call, stop by, or utilize our website to schedule a brake service appointment!

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