Winters can be tough and brutal in every way possible. Torrential snow, wet and icy roads, frozen windshields you name it. At Murray Kia, we are here to help you combat the difficulties of winter by helping you properly gear up for the oncoming cold. Whether through the helpful hints of this blog, the accessories, and parts we offer, or the service center at your back, we have you covered this winter.

We know you feel it in the air just like we do. It's important you get a head start before the worst happens. Be sure to follow this checklist of potential steps you can take to be fully locked in this winter.

  • Check your battery levels to ensure it survives for the winter ahead. There's nothing worse than needing a jumpstart on the side of the road when it's freezing cold. At Murray Kia, we have batteries available as well as technicians to install it for you.
  • Make sure your antifreeze, coolant, wiper fluids, and oils are up to date. The cold, salt, and dirt of winter can accelerate build up and gunk, combined with the cold weather, it's definitely in your best interest to make sure you are fully loaded before the snow hits.
  • Make sure your heating system is fully in working order. Nothing is worse than a freezing cold car in the morning where you're not only frigid but are unable to defrost anything. The climate control in your Kia models should always do the trick but doubling down to make sure causes no harm.
  • Finally, get snow tires! Snow tires are essential in vehicles that don't have four-wheel drive specifically. Without snow tires, your vehicle isn’t going to run as effectively this winter.

For more helpful hints, service, and parts, please stop by Murray Kia where we will gladly help set your Kia up for what is sure to be a long winter.

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