Pantone Partnered with Kia for Color-Changing Mood Lighting

Pantone and Kia proudly joined forces to create a multi-colored lighting system for the K900 luxury sedan. The company Pantone knows paint and color matching, and they have created seven nature-inspired tones for drivers to choose from to suit their mood for that day or night. These colors cover the color wheel from with names including Refreshing Sea, Dreamy Purple, Blue Flight, Aurora Violet, Golden Insight, Orange Delight, and Peaceful Forest.

The ambient lighting will be installed in the ceiling and on side panels of the new Kia K900. It will light up the sedan’s luxurious interior with soft hues. The hues are meant to encourage psychological stability and relaxation for not only drivers, but passengers too. If you’re known to get stressed out while driving, the lighting will imitate calming and natural settings. This collaboration is just one way to introduce wellness to the automotive industry. It’s providing drivers with a space to rest and a new way to recharge.

If you would like to request more information about our K900 inventory, please feel free to reach out to Murray Kia today. These luxurious sedans are just waiting for you to take out for a spin. If you’d like additional information about how you could add ambient lighting to your K900, be sure to ask your Murray Kia sales consultant when you visit us. We can’t wait to meet you!

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